Partners of Shopify Virtual Expo Indonesia

I hope you are well. I would like to invite you as a partner participant to our virtual event Shopify Expo Indonesia hosted by Shopify and SSDC.

The first and second Shopify Expo Indonesia was a good success with almost over 300 attendees. I hope it was a great experience for you too getting to know the attendees and also other partners. This time, we hope to bring in more merchants, and partners. I hope you can join again this time.


Event Info Page

We have seen an increasing number of new merchant joining Shopify especially during these pandemic period. E-commerce industry is going well and Shopify is trending up in Indonesia. We want to to provide all the tools that are available for Shopify store owners to be able to grow their store. Instead of regular Zoom webinar, we chose to use Remo so that this event can be more of a networking session. We believe your company are able to provide great benefits and solution to these merchants. 

Invitation to this event will be broadcasted to all Shopify users in Indonesia. There is roughly more than 1000 merchants at the moment.

Feel free to broadcast the invitation to your network as well

19th of July 2021
14.00 - 16.30 (Jakarta time, GMT+7) 

Please fill out the form below

Rehearsal (Dry Run)
We wont have a dry run this time, but partners should attend 20 mins before the event start so we can provide a proper guidance.

So What is Remo?
See this short video

And this is my screenshot of when I participated in the previous Shopify Remo event. You will be a table owner and each table will consist of 6 people max (including you). Visitors then can ask you anything about your company and they can leave anytime and go to a different table. Once in a table you can share your screen as usual should you have any presentation of any kind. So no need for any special preparation other than speakers.


- Anybody can join this event, we encourage your work colleagues to spear around the floor as well and get to know everyone.

- The event is bilingual, feel free to speak in Bahasa or English.

Lastly, I really hope you can join and build a network.

Please whatsapp me at 087780510301 or email me at should you need more information.


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